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Concrete Mix Australian Builders 20kg : BCSands Online ...

BCSands Online Shop - Building and Landscape Supplies Concrete Mix Australian Builders 20kg - A proportioned mix of aggregate, sand and cement. Uses: for builders, DIY and handyman in all general purpose concreting applications where a quality concrete is required. Typical applications: paths, slabs, concrete pavers, structural posts, footings, and garden conditioner and more.

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How to calculate the number of bags of premix concrete

Jan 05, 2006 · if a 20kg bag has a volume of 320x320x50 when mixed, then each bag produces a volume of 0.00512m3 If you have 9 holes of 300 diameter and 650 depth, then the volume of concrete required is: 9 x height x pi x radius squared = 9 x 0.65m x 3.14 x 0.15m x 0.15m = 0.41 m3 of concrete Now, to calculate the number of bags

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Sand & Cement Mix - 20kg bags - Cement Australia | Sand ...

Features Carefully proportioned blend of sand and cement Applications Suitable for bricklaying, rendering, patching damaged mortar, as a layer for bathroom floors, garden edging and setting shower bases and toilet pans

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