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May 20, 2016 · Farmers who use miscanthus bedding report that it absorbs moisture and then "breathes" it out, allowing the bedding to dry out rather than become soggy like wheat straw does. Switchgrass also has this same characteristic. The ability to "absorb and breathe" makes miscanthus and switchgrass a very desirable livestock and poultry bedding.

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SWITCHGRASS: a dual-purpose crop providing high quality ...

Switchgrass (SG) vs. Wheat Straw • SG fiber length and strength is greater • SG stem walls are about 2-3 x thicker • SG is ~.3%N, wheat straw is 0.8-1.0%N (SG is more biologically inert) • Chopped or baled SG has a higher bulk density (~15%) (improving user convenience)

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The wheat straw was collected from Richmond Country Farms, Richmond, BC. The bales were of rectangular shape with a moisture content of 8.45% wet basis (wb) as received. The switchgrass was a round bale acquired from a farm in Manitoba. The moisture content of switchgrass was 7.96% wet basis (wb) as received. The moisture contents were

  • Published in: Applied Engineering in Agriculture · 2008Authors: Pak Sui Lam · Shahab Sokhansanj · Xiaotao Bi · C J Lim · Ladan J Naimi · M HoqueAffiliation: Oak Ridge National Laboratory · University of British Columbia · University of GeorgiaAbout: Renewable energy · Bulk density · Geometry · Moisture · Panicum virgatum · Particle .Get Price
Cellulosic Sugar and Lignin Production Capabilities RFI ...

Responses to DE-FOA-0001615: Request for Information: Cellulosic Sugar and Lignin Production Capabilities. The mission of the U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) is to develop and demonstrate transformative and revolutionary, sustainable bioenergy technologies for a prosperous nation.

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Swapping wheat straw with switchgrass to grow mushrooms ...

Mar 16, 2016 · March 15, 2105 - Ontario mushroom growers can substitute switchgrass for wheat straw when they're growing their crops without impacting yield or quality, while also reducing their production costs. That's the outcome of a research project led by Mushrooms Canada and funded through the Ontario Farm Innovation Program (OFIP).

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Flowability parameters for chopped switchgrass, wheat ...

Size reduction mechanical energy was directly measured for switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), wheat straw (Triticum aestivum L.), and corn stover (Zea mays L.) in an instrumented hammer mill. Direct energy inputs were determined for hammer mill operating speeds from 2000 to 3600 rpm for 3.2 mm integral classifying screen and mass input rate of 2.5 kg/min with 90 - and 30 -hammers.

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Bulk density of wet and dry wheat straw and switchgrass ...

The particle density for densities of wheat straws and switchgrass ranged from 34 to wheat straw appears to be nearer to the particle density of 130 kg m‐3 and 68 to 323 kg m‐3.

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About Compostables: Materials: Wheat Straw | World Centric

Wheat Straw. The very word "paper" derives from "papyrus," a reed that was used by ancient Egyptians in making paper. The ancient Chinese also developed methods for making paper from plant fibers, taking advantage of the vast quantities of straw that are generated in a rice-based agricultural economy.

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Planting and Managing Switchgrass for Forage, Wildlife ...

Seeding date: Switchgrass germinates very slowly when soil temperature is below 60öF. If moist seed is maintained at 85öF for 3 days, many of the seedlings will germinate and grow to a height of approximately 1 inch with a 1-inch deep root. The planting time is .

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Data-based equation to predict power and energy input for ...

Pictures in Fig. 1 show the samples as-received (left) and the sample constituents (right) of wheat straw, corn stover, switchgrass, miscanthus, and canola straw as-received. Most of the samples could be fractionated into four distinctive fractions of: stems, leaves, seed-head, and small particles passed through a sieve with a Mesh No. 7 (2.8 mm).

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Physical characterization of wet and dry wheat straw and ...

Wheat straw and switchgrass stems were cut to exact nominal lengths of 6, 12, 25, and 50 mm. The moisture contents of biomass samples were adjusted upward from an original 8% to 20, 40, and 60%. Three particle densities were measured assuming two structural geometries for the stems; i.e a hollow

  • Authors: Pak Sui Lam · Shahab Sokhansanj · Xiaotao Bi · Sudhagar Mani · Jim Lim · Or InitialAbout: Bulk density · Particle density · Porosity · StrawGet Price
Pilot-Scale Gasification of Corn Stover, Switchgrass ...

A parametric study of the gasification of four feedstocks (corn stover, switchgrass, wheat straw, and wood) has been performed on an experimental, pilot-scale (0.5 ton/day) gasification facility.

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Biomass Production and N Removal by Switchgrass under ...

from wheat straw and corn stover was 69 gal/T, from corn grain was 103 gal/T and switchgrass biomass was 80 gal). ₤Assumes 60% removal of wheat and corn residues.

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Direct mechanical energy measures of hammer mill ...

Effective specific energy of 90°-hammers decreased marginally for switchgrass and considerably for wheat straw and it increased for corn stover with an increase in speed from 2000 to 3600 rpm. However, effective specific energy increased with speed to a certain extent and then decreased for 30°-hammers.

  • Published in: Powder Technology · 2009Authors: Venkata S P Bitra · A R Womac · Nehru Chevanan · Petre I Miu · C Igathinathane · S.Affiliation: University of Tennessee · Mississippi State University · Oak Ridge National LaboratoryAbout: Sieve · Control system · Hammer mill · Geometric standard deviation · Particle sizeGet Price
Bulk Density of Wet and Dry Wheat Straw and Switchgrass ...

Bulk Density of Wet and Dry Wheat Straw and Switchgrass Particles. The corresponding tapped bulk density ranged from 34 to 130 kg m 3 for straw and 68 to 323 kg m 3 for switchgrass. The increase in bulk density due to tapping the container was from 10% for short 6 mm particles to more than 50% for long 50 mm particles.

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Pilot-Scale Gasification of Corn Stover, Switchgrass ...

Abstract: A pilot-scale study was conducted to examine the effect of the steam-to-biomass ratio, the gasification temperature, and the thermal cracker temperature for Vermont wood, wheat straw, switchgrass, and corn stover on the formation and speciation of tars. ...

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SWAPPING WHEAT STRAW WITH SWITCHGRASS TO GROW MUSHROOMS. Switchgrass, a native perennial grass, was identified as a potential wheat straw substitute for mushroom growers, and a series of field trials were conducted in the fall of 2014 using concentrations of 15, 30 and 40 per cent switchgrass in the substrate. At 40 per cent switchgrass,...

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Scientific advances in organic dairy farming: Switchgrass ...

Sep 25, 2017 · Switchgrass is a promising alternative to wheat straw as bedding material for dairy cows, both as a deep-litter option or used on top of a mattress or mat. There were no negative effects on cow comfort, cow cleanliness or teat end contamination, and switchgrass had better absorbency than straw.

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Amazon : OurPets Switchgrass Natural Clumping ...

OurPets Switchgrass Natural Litter with BioChar is biodegradable, all natural, sustainable, and is a non-food alternative to the other corn or wheat based natural litters in the marketplace. Switchgrass is a hardy, natural grass native to North America that does not require fertilization or .

Bulk density and compaction behavior of knife mill chopped ...

switchgrass, wheat straw, and corn stover chopped in a knife mill at different operating conditions and using four different classifying screens were studied. Mean loose-filled bulk densities were 67.5 ± 18.4 kg/m 3for switchgrass, 36.1 ± 8.6 kg/m for wheat straw, and 52.1 ± 10.8 kg/m forcorn stover.

  • Published in: Bioresource Technology · 2010Authors: Nehru Chevanan · A R Womac · Venkata S P Bitra · C Igathinathane · Yuechuan T Y.Affiliation: University of Tennessee · Mississippi State University · Oak Ridge National LaboratoryAbout: Bulk density · Compaction · Stover · Corn stover · Panicum virgatum · CompressionGet Price