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Concrete Restoration - Concrete Repair, Sealer, Coatings ...

W. R. MEADOWS is your source for all your concrete restoration needs. Our full line of concrete patches, cementitious floor repair mortars, grouts, epoxies, and more, are suitable for every concrete restoration application.. Concrete is one of the most durable building materials that man has ever developed, but as tough as it is, concrete, at some point in its life, will need to be repaired.

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Industrial Floor Design & Construction - The Concrete Network

Industrial Floor DesignResidential concrete slabs often have few design requirements to get between the contractor and completion of the job.If the contractor knows what he or she is doing and knows what the customer wants, then the lack of specifications is probably a good thing.

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2019 Polished Concrete Flooring Cost Guide | HomeAdvisor

Floors on Grade or Above Grade. If your concrete floor will be installed over an existing subfloor or on a raised deck, the contractor will have to install a cement underlayment before applying the finished floor. This process can add $2 to $3 per square foot to the total cost of your polished concrete floor.

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Rose Concrete Coatings

QUALITY. We only use the finest materials and has the best installers in St George. We have coated more concrete than any other company in Southern Utah and we KNOW CONCRETE.

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Clean Cut Concrete 242 Phelan Ave Unit D San Jose, CA ...

if you are serious about polished concrete floors use clean cut concrete. so we are semi-obsessed with concrete in general, and specifically polished concrete flooring. after much research, we...

Remove Stains from Concrete - lowes

If you plan to seal or stain the floor, first let it dry for at least 24 hours. See How to Seel Concrete and Stain an Interior Concrete Floor for instructions. If you're working on a large outdoor area like a concrete driveway, follow the steps below to clean the entire surface with a pressure washer.

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How To: Paint a Concrete Floor | Apartment Therapy

Opt for a paint specifically intended for concrete. We used Behr's 1-part epoxy concrete and garage floor paint. Because we had to contend with glue from the previous tile, the floor needed an ample amount of prepping. The concrete needs to be completely dry. If there is moisture, run a dehumidifier for as long as needed to solve the issue.

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KILZ® Concrete & Garage Floor Paint Product Information ...

Apr 06, 2016 · This short video describes how the unique properties of KILZ Concrete & Garage Floor Paint, specially formulated with one part epoxy, give it a .

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3 Ways to Remove Paint from Concrete - wikiHow

Apr 16, 2019 · How to Remove Paint from Concrete. If you've accidentally dripped some paint on your concrete driveway or garage floor, it may seem like it's there for good. While removing paint from concrete can be tough and time-consuming, you can do it...

Why Concrete Floors Rock | HGTV

Really. The floors are eco-friendly, anyway. Concrete does not deplete natural resources, requires less energy than other floor types to produce, and is made (poured) locally. Concrete is good for indoor air quality because it inhibits mold, mildew, and odors, contains no potentially harmful VOCs, and can be finished with zero-VOC sealers.

Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor | USG

The only noncombustible structural cementitious panel manufactured in the United states. Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor is a cured-in-factory panel that is noncombustible, inorganic, mold-, moisture-, termite-resistant and dimensionally stable floor assembly suitable for many floor finishes.

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PC Products 102-oz. Concrete Repair and Anchoring Epoxy ...

PC-Concrete epoxy gel is an anchoring and concrete repair product. PC Concrete has exceptional strength, maximum field reliability, along with a high heat deflection temperature of 134°F, which provides engineers and contractors with a choice for specifying and setting adhesive anchors in elevated temperature environments.

Top 10 Best Radiant Floor Heating Systems | ConsumerAffairs

Both of these concrete floor heating systems will raise the height of your floor and might cause problems with doors opening and closing. ... ThermoSoft has a program specifically for contractors ...

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J C Concrete Polishing | Polished Concrete | 925-825-4111 ...

Northern California's choice for Polished Concrete. This versatility makes concrete an ideal flooring material for a variety of applications. Bringing over 13 years of experience to the Bay Area, we grind concrete floor surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss concrete floor finish that never needs waxes or coatings.

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Ten Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hardwood Gym ...

Ten Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hardwood Gym Floor ... "It gives the synthetic floor a substantially better feel versus just being on the concrete." 2. Which subfloor system best suits the application? ... you may be limited in the type of systems that you can specify for that floor replacement based on the concrete depression."

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Reported by Committee 302 - American Concrete Institute

concrete floors and slabs made with conventional portland and blended cements. This guide identifies the various classes of floors based on use, construction design details, necessary site preparation, concrete type, and other related materials. In general, characteristics of the concrete .

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Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating and Paint, Designer Epoxy ...

It offers extended working time even in hot and humid environments. Epoxy Plus Designer Epoxy was specifically designed and formulated for use use with our signature Designer Metallic epoxy flooring system. Our solids Designer Epoxy is the key to your success. Packaging: A 3 gallon kit comes packaged in a box with (2) 1.5 gallon kits.

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8 Easy and Affordable Garage Floor Options - Bob Vila

Before beginning, be sure to repair any cracks with concrete filler and clean the floor thoroughly. Then prime and paint using materials designed specifically for covering floors. Paint is the ...

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Do I really need to use primer when painting an unfinished ...

I didn't experience any peeling and only needed one coat of paint. I can't remember what I used, but it was paint specifically for painting concrete floors, light grey in colour. I do remember that the primer was clear, and was meant to soak into the floor and "seal" it ready for the paint.

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Damp proofing concrete floors – 3 Popular Solutions

Nov 25, 2016 · Damp proofing concrete floors with a Plastic membrane. The easiest solution for damp proofing concrete floors is to install a plastic membrane. Essentially, this is a plastic mesh sheet specially formulated to ensure that moisture cannot penetrate. It sits between the concrete and the underlay floor covering.

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